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Our team

Gabriel Ndende Muholeza

CEO, Founder / Gabriel was born in South Kivu province in D.R. Congo, the eldest of a family of eleven children. His family was forced to relocate to Dzaleka in Malawi due to fighting in the area. While a student in Congo, other students in his class recognized his abilities in science and requested that he help them with their studies, so at the age of 14, he created an after-school study class that quickly developed into not only a remedial science class, but also a course in how to deal with personal conflict, something he was gifted at.

When he left for Malawi, he brought with him his talents and moral character. He began attending  high school in Dzaleka and  joined and worked with community-based organizations Vijana Africa and Pax Mundi, as a member and volunteer. He was elected Secretary and leader for Poets in Pax where he taught young people to write poetry.

Gabriel is currently Dzaleka Project Coordinator for Little Acts of Kindness, a volunteer organization based in Calgary, Alberta (Canada), and his job is to keep the Little Acts team updated on current conditions and goings on and to help generate articles about life for orphans and elderly camp residents.

All of these experiences led him to create CFBL and to develop, along with his team, the programs described here.


David Kabobya

Secretary / David was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country located in central Africa. He was forced to flee his home country due violent unrest and come to Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi where he has lived as a refugee since 2014. David holds a certificate in web development and machine learning obtained at TakenoLab, a Dzaleka-based tech and training institute.


Suzan Kwibe

Coordinator / Suzan Kwibe is a young Congolese-born woman from South Kivu province. The crisis that occurred there forced her to flee her home country in 2016 and relocate to Malawi where she continues to live as a refugee in Dzaleka Refugee Camp. Suzan is a science student and a former facilitator at TakenoLab, where she helped to teach JavaScript, C++ coding as well as other programming languages. Suzan’s contribution to CFBL is focused on improving the lives of her fellow refugees and in particular, women and girls.